The subject of today’s hegemony is changing not based on religion, territory or nation but rather by
each individual. Thus, paying persistent and close attention on the movement is essential for the
continuous development of oneself, one’s family and company since conditions that surround us
have changed. The change of paradigm not only has a symbolic meaning of having an influence
exerting entity with its exclusive property but also a way of changing the rules of the game that can
create a new environment. From the socio-economic point of view, there was a time in the
history of mankind when the social-class that owned most of the land exercised privileged rights.
Once industrial revolution occurred, those who promptly acted and converted their land into
factory could hold on to the right but those who did not lost it.

Who would be the next big-player? While seeking for an answer to this question, we came
to a conclusion that, to be flexible in responding to ever-changing paradigm, it is fundamental
that the company puts the value of human resources at its core and pursues continuous
development of knowledge.

The paradigm has always been changing and is changing at this very moment.
With its changes, the subject of “hegemony” is also changing.

There is a trend in M&A as well. The industry that PE(Private equity funds) prefers is
known to be in the center of the trend. SU&Group is a global company consisting of
outstanding individuals at the core of the organization with competence and flexibility in
leading and adapting to such trend.

As a person making in the path of SU&Group’s history, I will deliver to the fullest of
my ability, Knowledge and effort to build very existing SU&Group even after 100 years.
Demands for cross-border transactions in Asian region increase steadily to create synergies through cross-border integrations
Our vision is to become a top expert in cross-border transactions.
We strategically focus on M&A, Investment Banking, and Corporate financial advisory.
Core Values